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Monday, April 17, 2006

Dvorak Has Officially Lost It

"A cloud is rising over Mac OS X and its future unless Apple makes its boldest move ever: turning OS X into an open-source project. That would make the battle between OS X and Linux the most interesting one on the computer scene. With all attention turned in that direction, there would be nothing Microsoft could do to stem a reversal of its fortunes," says John C. Dvorak in a column for PC Mag. Yes, it would be totally awesome if Apple did this, but there is no way it will ever happen. Apple has said that it is a software company. I want to hear all of you guy’s opinions on this. Feel free to leave a comment.

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Well, when he said Apple would switch over to Windows everybody thought he was crazy. But, Aplle put out software to run Windows on their computers. So it's kinda like he was half right, who knows this time.

Yes, he was sort of correct. This is just to crazy though. I don't ever see Jobs doing this.

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