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Sunday, February 26, 2006

MacBook Pro - My Thoughts

I made a trip over to the good ol’ Apple Store today to get a look at the MacBook Pro. At first glance it looked just like a G4 PowerBook except for the noticeable iSight and the brighter screen. It seemed noticeably faster than a G4 Powerbook, although all the MacBook Pros there were the 2GHz models. They seemed as fast as the new iMacs and the screen looked awesome. As for the reports of a whining noise coming from the LCD or the screen being brighter at the bottom, I barely noticed either. If you put your ear up against the keyboard you can hear a hissing noise, but it was not very noticeable. As for the screen, you could only notice the screen defect if you turn the brightness way down and it is still hard to notice then. I coerced the Apple sales guy to go hunt me down a Apple Remote so I could test Front Row. I was thoroughly impressed. It was very fast and simple to use and it looked great. The only thing is that the remote would control all three of the MacBook Pros at the same time, which could become an issue if you are around other people with MBPs, although I don't think it would interfere unless you are pretty close to them. I closed the lid and then waited about 30 seconds and when I lifted the lid it woke up almost instantaneously. After turning it off, booting it up seemed to take a while. I played around with Word in Rosetta and it seemed fast enough. The only thing I noticed was it was a little slow while backspacing. So I bet you are wondering about battery life and the MagSafe connecter. Well, I quickly unplugged the MagSafe connecter and checked the time before the Apple Sales guy saw me and the meter read 3:43. As for the connector, it locked into place tightly, yet could be pulled out if jostled. That was just my first impressions and thoughts. For a full review and benchmarks see Macworld's Review.

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Yeah the macbook is very cool i am planing to buy one myself.

Yah. I have been saving up. I love the form factor. It will be good to carry to school next year.

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