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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Apple To Announce Movie Downloads In iTunes

From The Business Online: "APPLE, whose iTunes internet music site sold its billionth tune last week, is preparing to launch a film download service. An announcement is expected as early as this week." They also said: "There is also speculation among US analysts that Apple is also working on additional video and audio-enabled products to complement a revamped iTunes services offering feature-length films. Some believe Apple is also planning to unveil a new widescreen computer notebook to be called the “Macbook”, which will be distinctive because of its small size and widescreen cinema display. It is expected to retail at less than $1,500 (£840, E1,215). There is also talk that Apple is planning the launch of an Apple-branded hi-fi that will enable iPod users to dock their iPod music player into a device that will then turn the compact digital music player into a fully-fledged hi-fi that will enable them to share their music collection in the living room, the kitchen or at the beach." So let's sum this up. On February the 28th Apple is going to release a widescreen MacBook, a Video iPod, movie downloads, and an iPod boombox. All I will say is that they will definitely unveil a widescreen iBook dubbed the MacBook.

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