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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Intel iMac Review

I went to the CompUSA yesterday to talk to John (the Apple guy) and to my surprise they had already received the new 1.87 GHz Intel iMac complete with iLife '06 and all. It was noticeably faster than the previous iMacs. It took hardly any time at all to load all the iLife apps and iPhoto "scrolled like butter." I went back and forth between it and the Powermac Quad and I have to say I was stunned. I could tell any difference using the iMac vs. the Powermac. If anything the iMac felt faster, especially when browsing the web and using iLife applications. I also played around with iWeb for a while. It was very easy to use and the templates looked great. Dragging over photos from iPhoto was a breeze. I think that anyone could make a professional looking website with iWeb. Even my mom could sit down and begin using the program. Garageband was also very zippy and easy to use. All of the little "Jingles" and "Sound Effects" were great. It also made it east to make an enhanced podcast with chapters, multiple album art, and links. They did not have any games to test out, nor did they have Office installed so I did not get a chance to see how fast Rosetta is. If you would like a full review than please check out PC Mag's Review.

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