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Monday, January 23, 2006

DRM Is A Complete Lie

From the Inquirer: "DRM is a complete lie. It has never protected a single thing." Finally, people get it. This is a good read.

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I read something in the Inquirer (Philly persuasion) about Rich Shertenlieb (sp?) going to some radio station in Philly. "Q102" Whatever that means. Anyhoot. That's all.

um have a good day and all that good stuff...
ha I have nothing to say on the topic as it is currently ::checks clock:: 11:41 in the PM and I didn't actually read it... :-D yesh I know... well anyways...
have a good day and all that fun stuff... oh and I shall see you next week. OOOh pray hard for me on Saturday because I am taking the SAT and I am scared outta my skin... (why I ain't goin to youth on wed... stupid studying)


Sure. I will pray for you. I am no good at tests either. Sorry you can't come to youth Wednsday. See you sunday.

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