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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Apple iPod Officially USB 2.0 Only

As of today, and the iPod 5th gen. Firewire is now completely unsupported by the iPod. This is a good thing do to the fact that USB 2.0 is 80MBps faster than Firewire. It is not true that you can buy a Firewire cable and use it. The pins are different and it will not work correctly.

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usb 2.0 never gets to its specd speed. that's why firewire is better. usb was designed for short bursts of data, and firewire was designed for sustained data transfer, like large files. that's why firewire is better for external hard drives (example: ipods)

the specification is its max. the difference is that firewire keeps it's 400mbps data speed constantly, that's why dv cams use it for transfer.

usb's spec'd transfer is it's highest burst rate. it does not sustain that. it is simply it's peak.

I transfered 10GBs of music to my iPod a while back on Firewire, then again on USB 2.0. The USB 2.0 was substantually faster.

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