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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Apple Conference - What Happened

This is what was released at the Apple Conference roday. Courtosey of macrumorslive.com: "- Upgrades to the 15" and 17" PowerBooks. - 15" gets a new display with 1440x960 resolution, while the 17" will get 1680x1050. Both will be brighter than previous models and have improved battery life. - SuperDrives will be standard and all will support Apple's 30" Cinema HD Display - Prices start at $1,499 for 12", $1,999 for 15" and $2,499 for 17". - Powerbooks ship today - PowerMac G5s updated - Dual core processors, 1MB L2 cache per core, up to 16GB of DDR2 RAM, 1TB of internal storage, PCI Express - Four new nVidia cards, including the Quadro FX 4500 - all four cards support 30" cinema display - PowerMac G5 Quad, with dual dual-core processors - Single CPU dual-core 2.0 GHz version is $1,999; single CPU dual core 2.3Ghz is $2,499; dual CPU dual-core 2.5Ghz is $3,299 - Single CPU PowerMacs shipping now, Quad ships in November - 23" and 30" cinema displays drop in price, 23" down to $1,299, 30" down to $2,499 - Aperture - post-production software for photographers - Built for pro photographers, provides end-to-end RAW workflow - Feature called Stacks allows photos to be grouped together based on the time between shutter clicks - Full screen workspace, can span multi-image displays - Multi-image viewer to check images side-by-side, up to 10 at a time - Standard tools like red-eye reduction; cropping etc. Non-destructive workflow and versioning capabilities - Aperture is $499 and will ship in November"

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