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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"No Bluetooth iPod" Says Steve Jobs

This makes me mad. I would love to have bluetooth in my next iPod, but Mr. "I Know Everything" Steve Jobs Says: "The problem with Bluetooth headphones is that it's not just recharging your iPod, you have to recharge your headphones too. People hate it. There are quality issues - the bandwidth isn't high enough, and even if it does get there some day, people don'’t want to recharge their headphones." He's wrong. People would love to have bluetooth headsets. Just another dumb decision from Mr. Jobs.

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Where are you getting all these negative vibes from Steve Jobs? He's brilliant in my opinion. Apple became nothing when he left and rose from nothing when he arrived back. The iPod revolution wouldn't be there if it wasn't for him. And, sorry to say, he's right. People don't want to recharge their headphones.

You have to recognize that you're the top 5% user technically and the market will never make you happy. People like you aren't what drives businesses. It's the other 95% of the people out there who don't have a clue what Bluetooth is, and more importantly, don't want to recharge their headphones.

I would have said that about people not wanting to recharge there headphones. If it wasn't for comments on Cnet, Engadget, and other similar sites that all said they wouldn't mind having to recharge them if it meant they would have a really nice headset with good sound quality for there iPod.

By the way, there are solutions for the battery life issue. They are currently developing batteries that would work continuously for "up to 30 years." They might be developed by the time the next iPod came out. The only downside is that these new batteries have nuclear reactors in them and they are testing to see if they are safe.

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