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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The 10 Geek Commandments

Here are the 10 geek commandments. I cleaned them up a tad due to language. 1. Thou shalt not append trendy names to stuff that already exists in an attempt to remarket it. (i.e. - podcast) 2. Thou shalt not complain about windows if you are reading this from a windows machine. 3. Thou shalt not drink beer on a couch in the beginning of a vidcast unless your name is Kevin Rose, Dan Haurd or Alex Albrecht. ...and even then, thou shalt be subject to ridicule and slapping at random. 4. Thou shall admit that Linux is only good for bragging rights and elitism. 5. Thou shall buy a $4000 gaming rig to play the two good games that come out this year before the third game is released, which renders your rig obsolete. 6. Thou shall buy a $2000 computer to surf the web. Everyone knows you'll need all that processing power to handle the viruses, spyware and trojans you'll be hosting. 7. Thou shall scour RSS feeds to find topics for your podcast rather than actually participating in any forums, conferences or other means of actually gathering news on your own. 8. Thou shalt not brag about stealing movies, not because it's illegal... but because my mom has WinMX too. 9. Thou shalt not digg anything you've read on freshnews. We all read freshnews. Just stop. 10. Thou shalt not buy an iPod as an accessory to your daily fashion, but only because it's a good mp3 player with acceptable battery life.

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